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Michael W.

Lawrence, New York USA

I am happy to confirm that I relied on your best judgment with respect to dental services in Israel. I underwent two rounds of treatment. In October 2010, round one entailed the extraction of one tooth and three implants. It was short and sweet. I drove back to Jerusalem and managed well for 5 months with the three well placed temporary teeth. In April 2011, the temporary teeth were replaced with three crowns and all went smoothly quickly and professionally. As a result of the successful treatment, I decided to repeat the process on the other side of my mouth. One extraction and two implants with temporary crowns. I look forward to completing the process with permanent crowns upon my return to Israel in October 2011. Again, thanks for the considerate, warm reception and treatment. The office location is in Central Tel Aviv with convenient nearby parking. The office is clean and well maintained. The price was right, and you get more than your expected value!