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Evelyn V. San Jose, California USA

I researched my options for several months in advance and felt that the solutions proposed by my U.S. dentists were inadequate and over-priced. The biggest discovery was that I didn't need the extensive procedures recommended by my U.S. dentist.

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Julie H. Oregon USA

The speed in which the doctors work was really amazing. The procedures I had done there such as the root canal took a fraction of the time and my dentist at home complimented the permanent crowns I received.

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Franklin F. Bermuda

I found ou‚Äčt how easy it was to have the appointment set up and having the work done on the same day without having to go back and forth.

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Michael W. Lawrence, New York USA

I am happy to confirm that I relied on your best judgment with respect to dental services in Israel. I underwent two rounds of treatment. In October 2010, round one entailed the extraction of one tooth and three implants.

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Weyman H. Denmark

I have always wanted to visit Israel and Tour & Smile made it possible. The dental work I needed was very expensive in the US but it could be done for half the price in Israel. This opened the door not only to get great dental care but also for me to tour Israel.

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Joel B. New York USA

Tour and Smile facilitated the whole process. Without their help and personal attention, I would not have been able to have my dental problems corrected. The cost of similar work in the US was 4 times the amount I paid in Israel and would take a year or more.

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Ed P. Kingston, New York USA

My name is Ed Pollan I live in New York and went to Israel (Tel Aviv) last year . While I was there I arranged to have 3 dental implants done there. It is now about one year later and I am very satisfied with the results.

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John T. Ontario, Canada

I never expected to test the warranty, but when things go wrong you discover the real quality of the people you are dealing with. When my dentist found one of my implants had failed and a crown had broken, Tour and Smile immediately arranged to have them fixed.

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