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About Us

Israeli health care is considered one of the most advanced systems of health care in the world and a leader in medical innovation. Tour & Smile's staff is comprised of expert dentists with extensive experience in complex dental procedures, surgeries, implants and restorative dentistry.

Our Promise

Tour & Smile brings together the elite of Israel's renowned oral surgeons and cosmetic dentists with a philosophy of personalized care and attention. Tour & Smile is committed to providing you with a once in a lifetime experience in Israel. We will arrange all aspects of your personalized travel plan including tours and hotel accommodations to suit your interests and needs to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.

At your service!

From the moment you arrive, until the time you leave your trip, our professionals are here to cater to your every need. Our customers have expressed to us that it was the little things that made the biggest difference in their trip. These would include: helping with medication, picking up at the airport, and ensuring all details were covered. We feel this high-touch, white glove service is what puts our clients minds at peace.

Tour & Smile Founder: Mik Lasry

Mik Lasry founded Tour and Smile in 2007 with one mission in mind: To take the pain, fear and expense out of the the dental surgical field. The impetus to conceive Tour and Smile, was born out of Mik's own need for major dental implant work when he lived in Miami, Florida. Having relatives in Israel who knew of several world renowned dental surgeons whose price tag was a fraction of the cost quoted to him in the US, he began a thorough investigation both in the US and in Israel. What would have cost Mik $24,000 in the US was merely a $11,000 procedure in Israel. Additionally, the doctors in the US informed Mik that he would need to endure several visits spanning 12+ months of dental procedures, while the doctors in Israel promised to do his work within a short period of time. Mik went to Israel, had "Immediate Loading Techniques" performed and was eating solid foods 1 day after surgery.

This experience inspired Mik to begin Tour and Smile. He found that while there were many other dental tourism destinations, that Israel was NOT one of them. The average consumer does not have practical knowledge where Tour and Smile has built medical/professional relationships since 2007 to bring relevant and modern techniques. The underpinning to the Tour and Smile success lies in the intimate personal relationships Mik has with the very best doctors in the country.

Mik's approach has been the same from day one. To give white glove service to clients so that they have someone "on the ground" when they arrive. In many cases this is a customer's first time to Israel, which could be an overwhelming experience without the guidance of a person who can navigate through the country, the medical system and all aspects of the international travel. Mik has vowed to make "what is perceived as a scary experience, into a smooth one!"

"I am honored to be an integral part of a customer's dental tourism. When they arrive they come as a client, but when they leave... they leave as a life-long friend!"

~ Mik Lasry

It's the little things that matter...

Did you know...

That our doctors and dental surgeons have a 97% success rate with dental implants. This is an extremely high success rate and is considered the best in the world.