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Pricing of Implants

Tour & Smile offers affordable, top quality dental care by highly qualified medical professionals at savings of approximately 60% of the average cost in the United States!

Typical Procedure Cost
Implant per unit $1,900 $890
Abutment per unit $600 $383
Porcelain Crown per unit $2,100 $540
All on 4 implants per jaw $29,000 $13,513
All on 6 implants per jaw $34,000 $14,864


Mr. Smith is 65 years old. He is in need of several dental implants. The treatment in the United States would cost him $43,000!! Instead, Mr. Smith contacted Tour and Smile, and paid only $17,200 while enjoying the highest quality dental care and a luxury 14 day vacation in Israel.

Tour & Smile offers high quality dental procedures at a fraction of the cost of the same services in the United States.