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Julie H.

Oregon USA

The location I used was extremely convenient. The doctor excellent and all went well.

The speed in which the doctors work was really amazing. The procedures I had done there such as the root canal took a fraction of the time and my dentist at home complimented the permanent crowns I received. She was very impressed with the workmanship she could see.

Three benefits for me were: the price, the savings between the cost of the work here in the US as compared to Israel actually paid for the tickets. Another reason was just the excuse to go to Israel (always a good thing). The skill of my dentist. Much of what was done would need a dentist and a dental surgeon here. There all could be done by the same doctor.

I have recommended tour and smile. While in Israel a friend of my daughter’s had his mother visiting from the states. She had a dental emergency. I gave the Tour and Smile contact info and they had her taken care of right away. She was very pleased and impressed. Thanks for that.