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John T.

Ontario, Canada

All told, I had a sinus lift, four implants, two root canals and eight crowns done through Tour and Smile. I never expected to test their warranty, but sometimes things go wrong, and then you discover the real quality of the people you are dealing with. When my dentist found that one of my implants had failed and one crown had broken, Tour and Smile immediately arranged for me to return to Israel and get things fixed. The sinus lift was redone, the broken crown was replaced, and they had me back a second time six months later to redo the crowns for the failed maxillary implant. Not only were there no extra costs for any of this repair work, they also reimbursed my dental expenses in Canada, helped with my accommodation in Israel and covered my air fare for both trips. When things went wrong the people behind Tour and Smile proved that their warranty is first class, that they are honest and dependable, and that the interests of their clients come first. Though things ended up taking longer than originally expected the work is of the the finest quality, I am fully satisfied with the outcome, and I have peace in knowing that should any problem develop it will be handled in a completely professional manner.