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Evelyn V.

San Jose, California USA

I researched my options for several months in advance and felt that the solutions proposed by my U.S. dentists were inadequate and over-priced. The biggest discovery was that I didn't need the extensive procedures recommended by my U.S. dentist. I was an emotional wreck about having extensive dental work. The information and support I received from Tour & Smile helped make the experience a positive one. I absolutely love visiting Israel! The food and historical sites are the best value of any European country and the people are extremely hospitable.

Tour & Smile was very supportive and helpful throughout the process, and I felt that I received excellent dental care at the Tel Aviv clinic. My U.S. dentist stated that the implants were extremely well done. Losing my teeth was one of the worst experiences in my life, but going to Israel for my dental care was one of the best experiences in my life.