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Where sufficient bone is present, implants can be placed that are able to immediately bear the load of careful use on purpose made abutments (posts) that support temporary crowns. This process is called 'immediate loading'. The acrylic temporary crowns will look and function very much like normal teeth. They can be used gently as the healing process progresses until the implants are ready for permanent crowns. If they are used with great care the temporary crowns may possibly last as long as a year.

Tour and Smile doctors employ immediate loading techniques to provide you with usable teeth on the same day that your implants are placed. It takes time for the bone to heal properly around the new implants. The abutments and temporary crowns are designed to help with the healing process. During this time it is important not to place too much load on the teeth. Some doctors will advertise that you can eat steak the day after your implants are done. This may be theoretically true depending on the quality of the steak and how carefully you cut it up and chew it. We do not recommend trying this. For the best long term results you should treat your new implants with care and break them in gently. Eat soft foods to begin with and treat your temporary crowns with care and respect to make them last until your implants are ready for permanent crowns. We employ immediate loading so you will leave our clinic with usable teeth on your first visit, but we never place a permanent crown on a newly installed implant.

Some implantologists offer to do implants all in one day – the implant, post and permanent crown – all complete, with no return visits. The monetary cost is similar to immediate loading but saves the expense of a second trip months later. The human cost is that the risks are high and success rates are alarmingly low. If it fails, then it will need to be redone the usual way, with two more visits spaced 6 months apart, in addition to the discomfort and inconvenience of a second round of surgery. Tour and Smile only uses doctors and procedures that will consistently produce high quality outcomes. In time, the reliability of one day implant procedures may improve, but for now we insist on allowing adequate healing time between the installation of the implant and the attachment of the permanent crown. This is proven to give the best long term results and the highest overall patient satisfaction.