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I found out how easy it was to have the appointment set up and having the work done on the same day without having to go back and forth. The staff were friendly and made me feel at home when I was in Israel. I was given the cost before I made the decision to travel and when the work was done, there was no added cost to what I was given. Absolutely NO hidden cost. The dentist willing to listen and help solve any problems that might arise even after you leave Israel. I would absolutely recommend Tour & Smile to other people such as colleagues, relatives and friends or anyone looking for dental work to be done. It is easy to get an appointment and once you get to Israel, the next day, depending on your arrival and appointment, you will get your dental work done. I am glad that I had my dental work done in Israel. If you're looking for affordable services while on vacation and a licensed and certified Dentist, then Tour & Smile is the place for you. I made a friend in Israel and am looking forward to returning to Israel again for follow up services. I will continue to travel to Israel (Tour & Smile) for future dental work.